This initiative seeks to promote good environmental practices and the adoption of sustainable lifestyles in homes with the participation of children and young people, as well as other family members. For example, segregating solid waste, creating green areas, saving water and energy, responsibly raising pets, using cloth bags, among others. It also seeks that "Ecohomes" be institutionalized as an indicator of a sustainable city in local governments.

The Ecohome Kit is a playful, educational, and practical tool that encourages children and young people, and their families, in adopting practices that improve their health and contributes to the well-being of their social and natural environment empowering them as change agents in their homes.






"The week of the planet"

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Piggy bank for a 

better world


"Sustainable Pantry"


The Municipality of Miraflores, with ANIA’s advice, is the first municipality in Peru that has created the Ecohomes platform promoting them as an indicator of a sustainable city.

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